The vacation that almost never was… part 0

It was a normal Monday night…. kids were going to bed, we sang songs, read books and all was well…  I was their hero, a regular Monday night….  and after I had turned off the lights and said my goodnights and closed the door we heard a huge crash….  I ran into the kids room and found Reed standing at the foot of the bunk beds and crying like mad.  He had clearly fallen off the top.  Douglas sleeps on top, about 5 feet from the floor, but many times Reed will climb up to join him.  This time however, he “fell” off.  We’re not exactly sure what happened, but he was crying… loudly.  We checked for bumps and bruises and couldn’t find anything… about 45 minutes later he is sleeping soundly with Robin in our bed and the flood gates open.  He vomited more food than he weighed!  It just kept coming and it smelled bad.  I started cleaning the bed, and the floor and everything else, while Robin had Reed in the shower.  No crying, but the occasional more vomit.  talking talking talking, and then vomit…  play some more, more playing and then vomit!  Meanwhile, I was trying to clean and it was everywhere.  Well after about 45 minutes of this we decided it was time to go to the doctor.  So we went to the hospital… left about 8:30pm…  at the hospital around 8:50pm or so (which is pretty good by Bangkok standards) and we sat around waiting for the Doc.  When we finally saw the doctor he was very nonchalant and was convinced it was nothing and probably just a coincidence because he probably has a bug or something… Robin and I were not impressed.  He finally said if he vomits 2 more times that night to come on back and we’ll admit him for observation….  so we are thinking, great, we’ll get back to the car and turn right around???  that’s not right… and then in office, almost on cue, Reed vomits some more.  and so the doctor said we ok we are going to admit you now!  Which was fine by us.

We got to the room a little while later, and were trying to decide what to do next.  I went

It doesn't hurt!

It doesn’t hurt!

home quick to get some supplies so Robin could spend the night and some more pi’s, diapers, etc for Reed.  and while I was gone they put the IV in him.  Which was great… Reed didn’t cry, didn’t flinch, nothing when they put the needle in…  but he just wanted it out.  He told us it hurt, and he wanted it out… but alas it had to stay.


Reed wants to go home

The next morning, my little champ was good to go and ready to get out of the hospital….  There was a mix up with breakfast, so we didn’t get any food until 10am, but Reed had his IV, so he wasn’t all that hungry.  and we finally saw our pediatrician around 10:45am… she immediately said we need a CT scan.  all of the vomiting had her concerned.  But of course you need an empty stomach… so the earliest we could do a scan was 4pm  (on a side note, we are not sure why you need an empty stomach for a head scan!)  That means the whole day of sitting around the hospital, with a little one that is ready to go and play and not be connected to a machine.

After a somewhat long day, we finally got to the scan.  They had given him some drugs toIMG_1864 IMG_1863 fall asleep so the could get a good scan.  And I had the biggest feeling of helplessness ever.  Even though he was just getting a scan, not going under or anything, it’s my little guy and I want to be there to fix him and make it better.  During the day we talked about well if we find anything then we cannot go on vacation.  I mean, no question….  we need to get Reed better first.  So that brings up the question on trip insurance, we have never bought it and have never needed it, but man, just this once, it might be handy….  anyways after the scan we were told 2 hours to get the results.

2    v e r y   l o n g   h o u r s ….  luckily it only took 30 minutes!  and we go the all clear sign.  Yeah!  So as soon as Reed woke up, we checked out and went home….  which meant that Robin and I could go on vacation to the Maldives the following morning and leaving both kids behind!


2 thoughts on “The vacation that almost never was… part 0

  1. Glad everything worked out. It seems like something is always happening when you have young kids. We here that you are coming back to the states in December. Will you be going back to Dallas?

    Give our love to all your family! Fran

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