Singapore II

IMG_7046OK…  the long awaited and highly anticipated sequel….  the week after we got back from Singapore, I got a note from Brother D, that he was going to be in Singapore in 2 weeks.  At first, we didn’t really think about going to see him and then we later decided that we were going to go back anyways at some point to take Douglas to Universal Studios, so why not go now?  And so we did!

We decided to go in Friday night, and then on Saturday we would go to Universal studios, meet up with Darek later and then on Sunday head to the Art and Science museum to see the dinosaur exhibit.  We tried to get to Universal at a decent IMG_7032hour and I think we did a pretty good job. Even though we went to bed around 12 or 1, Douglas was still wide awake at 7.  We took a cab to a mall, then got on a train, which Douglas thought was cool, before getting to Sentosa island where we had to sell our soul for tickets. OK, it maybe wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t cheap either!  First on the agenda was Transformers.  it was a pretty good ride.  Douglas did great, and it was a IMG_7034little scary at times.  They had you wear these 3D glasses and at times it really seemed like you were falling…  my stomach does not do well with that!  The lines were pretty interesting for the ride.  We kept walking and walking, from one room to the next, thinking for sure we must be getting close now… but like 3 rooms later there were still more and more places to line up.  Luckily for us there was no line and we just walked right through.  IMG_7039I could not imagine having to wait through that long of a line for the ride.  The pictures are of us waiting to get to the ride…  “The Nest” is the Autobots headquarters on Earth and the other picture is of us about ready to get on the ride.  After this ride we went off to find more adventure.  so from there we found the Lost World and had to ride the pterodactyls.  Douglas liked it soooo much he had to ride twice, once with Robin and IMG_7042IMG_7044once with me!  He liked having the controls to make the ride go up or down….  To get there we had to walk through Ancient Egypt, and the Space: The Final Frontier…  I think there were like 7 different kingdoms to visit.  We had lunch in New York City…  also known as Sesame Street.  And we saw a great show in Far Far Away, which is from the Shrek Movies.  Before we went home we made sure to check the schedule for when you could meet the Transformers…  Luckily we still had time to go and meet Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee.  Their costumes were pretty cool and Douglas really enjoyed, so that was fun.  And then it was time to go home as Douglas was one tired little guy.  And his parents were beat as well. Plus that night I had big plans with Brother D… going to paint the town….

Singapore-20140517-00219 IMG-20140517-00218After getting back to the hotel, Darek came over from his hotel to say hi and see how everyone was doing.  I don’t think we’ve seen Brother D for about 17 months, since x-mas 2012.  Darek and i went out to this nice restaurant / tourist area across from the Marina Bay Sands and the the Merlion.  We had some spicy crab (or something like that!)  and they highly recommend bibs….  Darek actually needed a full IMG-20140517-00220size bib because he still got his shirt dirty…  We had met up with an old friend of his and another work colleague who showed us around a little.  Dinner was great and then after that is off to play some pool and drink some more beer!

IMG_7053On Sunday we went to the dinosaur exhibit.  Which was pretty neat…  but it didn’t quite take as long as were thinking it might, so we now had a problem of what to do before heading to the airport.  So we decided I would take Douglas ice skating at the mall…  I went and checked on the price and it was reasonable so I said sure…  and then they tell you, after you little boy is all excited, and how can you say no at this point… that it really isn’t ice!  it’s some sort of plastic.  But you wear real skates.  it was bad news bears.  Very difficult to skate on, and IMG_7056Doulglas wanted to go after about 4 minutes.  I said “no way” and we played around for another 20 minutes or so… we had a good time, but it definitely wasn’t ice skating.  And then it was time to head to the airport….

in other fun news, Robin and her friend Megan had their first gig as caterers.  I’m super proud of her and they had a great time.  Who knows, maybe it will turn into a business!  There was also a coup here, but honestly, it has hardly affected us.  I still have to go to work everyday, and the military presence is pretty minimal if at all.  if you didn’t know, you could never tell.  odd, very odd.  And now we are preparing for our trip to the US…  3 weeks and counting…  But just to make sure we don’t get too stressed out, we are heading down to the beach on Saturday and Sunday.  it’s a tough life, I know!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer!




One thought on “Singapore II

  1. Oh my, Kyle, you and your family are having some really incredible experiences. I was chuckling about the ice skating adventure – you will have to get Douglas on some real ice when you return to the US! I am afraid that we won’t get to see you when you visit Appleton – we will be in Atlanta A week from today, we are leaving for Disney World with Elijah and Lukas for a week. We’ll also go to Sea World. Alexander will be attending a camp in Colorado when we are at Disney. Finally, we are getting some great weather – it was such a long winter that I thought it would never warm! Hugs to all of you – we really enjoy your posts. Love, A. Barb

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